Spend your time doing what you do best – building your company.

If you are running a tech startup, then you know how critical it is that you spend your time working on your core business functions. Building your business has to be your first priority.

Arul & Associates understands the unique accounting needs of tech companies. We speak your language and understand the way that tech companies operate and how your software engineers, salespeople, business executives, and management staff works together to develop your brand and services over time. .

We Offer:

Accounting is accounting, right?

Yes and no. While the standards of accounting are clear, tech companies – especially startups – have specific needs not seen in other industries. Arul & Associates is unique in that we specialize in providing the accounting resources and financial management advice that your startup needs to succeed. Our thorough understanding of accounting coupled with our startup experience will benefit your business by giving you the analytics that you need to make short and long-term decisions.

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